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Tell us your home extension storey or experiences

home extension storeyWhilst we have tried to give you the benefit of our 30 odd years experience in the home extension market, we are keen to here from others (professionals or home owners) who have something to say, an experience they wish to share or simply another good tip or two.

Whatever it may be, package it up within a well written unique article and will consider it for our inclusion.  We will credit you with the article and a link back to your own web site if applicable.

Here's what your article should comprise of:-

  • It should detail something you have been personally involved in, experienced and will be interesting and educational to our readers.
  • It should be between 500 and 900 words long.
  • If you have pictures to help illustrate your story please do attach them in your email.
  • It must not have been published anywhere else, must be written by you and be of unique content - we will check.
  • It should not offend any company or individual.

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 We look forward to hearing from you.


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