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Home extension design stages

Here we try to schedule the order and processes most home extensions take from inception to completion. It is meant to be a general discussion of relevant topics that you may find useful. We have put our own slant and perspectives on things for an enjoyable read for what can be a very serious topic.

The following links describe each stage of the home extension process.




  • home extension initial advice
    HOME EXTENSION INITIAL ADVICE - A homeowner can obtain home extension advise from a wide base these days due to the advise and design guides offered by most local Planning Authorities and the internet. Simply ready this web site shows that you are searching for information on a residential home extension.
  • home extension estimated costs
    HOME EXTENSION ESTIMATED COSTS - It is important that you establish in your own mind what your available budget is for your home extension right from the start as your wish list may be unachievable for the budget or finance you have.
  • how to select a home extension archiect designer
    HOW TO SELECT A HOME EXTENSION ARCITECT OR DESIGNER - A home owners initial idea for a home extension needs to be confirmed and explored by a professional designer or architect in most cases. Some home owners go down the DIY route in preparing their own plans but usually get stuck somewhere in the system or process.
  • planning permssion for a home extension
    PLANNING PERMISSION FOR A HOME EXTENSION - Even with the revised permitted development rules issued in October 2008, most home extensions still require formal planning permission as the conditions relating to what you can and cannot build under PD are very complicated with conditions. A PD home extension is often a compromised design for the homeowner as this may not be within the preferred siting or dimensional limits.
  • building regulations for a home extension
    BUILDING REGULATIONS APPROVALS FOR A HOME EXTENSION - Once Planning permission or a Certificate of Lawful Development has been obtained for your home extension, the next stage for your home extension designer or architect is to upgrade and enhance the scheme for the Building Regulations.
  • how to select a home extension builder
    HOW TO SELECT A HOME EXTENSION BUILDER - During the Building regulations submission you don't really want to waste time waiting for the approval. Use the draft construction scheme drawings and specifications that your designer or architect has prepared and start approaching between 3 and 5 builders for prices in a competitive tender format.
  • home extension building tenders
    HOME EXTENSION BUILDERS TENDER PRICES - There is a fairly standard routine for preparing the tender documents in order to submit to locally sourced builders. Firstly the tender process must appear formal and known to all builders that you are obtaining several tender prices. Do not fall into the trap of casually giving the documents to a builder down the pub and without a covering letter explaining your requirements.
  • home extension building contracts
    HOME EXTENSION BUILDING CONTRACTS - All home extension works should have a written contract to protect both parties. A contract is no more than a written agreement of what one party will be providing for an agreed remuneration or other compensation agreement. Fortunately, if your home extension designer or architect has done his job correctly, most of this written agreement will already be in place within the drawings and the specification manual.
  • site supervision of a home extension
    SITE SUPERVSION OF A HOME EXTENSION - Most home extensions do not receive formal site supervision of the works by the Building Designer or Architect. This service is usually called 'Contract Administration' and to do it correctly, will involve the home extension designer or architect in a lot of hours during the build as they have to do it in accordance with a very heavy set of administrative procedures. Hence their fees for this service can be quite high so many homeowners refuse or avoid this level of ancillary services.
  • home extension pre-start checks
    PRE START CHECKS FOR A HOME EXTENSION - Before your start or formally engage your home extension builder, you would be well advised to stand back and take stock for a moment and reflect upon the bigger picture. Ask yourself 'have you completed or obtained all the necessary documentation or approvals'? A lot of the ancillary stuff that could present you with a technical problem during or later on can be fairly extensive, cerate delays or incur extra costs.
  • living in the home extension works on site
    CAN YOU LIVE IN THE HOME WHILE THE EXTENSION WORKS ARE IN PROGRESS - Most home extension works are not extensive enough to warrant the homeowners moving out of the home whilst the new works are in progress. There are varying degrees in what homeowners will accept and many will move out of the home even for the most simplest of works while others will remain in place for major refurbishments to the whole property as well, simply relocating their living environment from room to room whilst the project takes place.
  • signing off your home extension
    SIGNING OFF YOUR HOME EXTENSION - Any good builder will want you to sign off the works for practical completion as soon as possible so that you can start enjoying the home and he can move on to their next job. This is often referred to as 'practical completion'. It may not be the fully finished article but it is a legal term for when you are able to start using the new spaces. There may still be the odd bit of clearing up, making good or final fix of a light fitting for example but it is a good place to be for both the home owner and extension builder alike.
  • how to use your new home extension
    HOW TO USE YOUR HOME EXTENSION - THE FIRST 6 MONTHS - When you first move into your home extension you will need to adopt some basic methods to ensure that the home extension operates correctly over the coming months. If you do not make some basic adjustments to your lifestyle for the first 6 months or install additional fittings or furnishings too quickly, you may fall into some defect traps that would have been unnecessary.




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