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Home extension resources

This section has links and details of most other areas within the home extension and building design areas that you may find useful outside of this web site.

  • Home extension web Sites
    HOME EXTENSION EXTERNAL WEB SITES - Here is a list of home extension related contacts and web sites that you may find useful.
  • Home extension products
    HOME EXTENSION PRODUCTS - Trying to find that elusive building manufacturer or supplier? Use or trade links to locate your building materials.
  • Home extension services
    HOME EXTENSION SERVICES - Here we list some other external web sites that are relevant to home extensions from Planning Permission to Appeals and from Design professionals to Home extension builders.
  • home extension free downloads
    HOME EXTENSION FREE DOWNLOADS - If your chosen niche has some famous people involved in it, you could include a list of these figures on your web site, along with a brief biography of each. This is not only something that ought to be easy to put together (there probably being plenty of information about them available), it could also feature keywords and phrases to help optimize the page for search engine positioning.







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