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Home extensions - can you live in while the works are in progress 

Most home extension works are not extensive enough to warrant the homeowners moving out of the home whilst the new works are in progress. There are varying degrees in what homeowners will accept and many will move out of the home even for the most simplest of works while others will remain in place for major refurbishments to the whole property as well, simply relocating their living environment from room to room whilst the project takes place.

We would recommend a home owner living within the property whilst the builder completes the works on site if you can handle the mess and dust and potential safety issues.  You will also have to consider any young family members or inform householders but generally if you can be on site daily you can monitor progress and quality of the works and materials being installed. 

Simply turning up once a week or less will result in a mismatch of expectations, the builder having to interpret your finer thoughts or worse, taking liberties. Being on site even if only in the mornings or evenings after work, allows you good control and forward thinking.

The downside is that you will be living under a higher degree of stress and your life routines will be severely disrupted.  This can place a lot of stress on family relationships and that 12 week contract period can seem like 12 years.

There will also be periods of complete dysfunctional services such as temporary water supplies, no heating or electrics whilst the existing systems are being updated or modified.  Many homeowners say 'never again' but after a few moths of using the new living space or trophy kitchen, all the previous months hardships are soon forgotten an life is magically enhanced when you start enjoying the extended property.



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