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home extension linkBuilding a home extension, whether it's a simple single storey conservatory, a two storey rear extension for a large new kitchen, building over a garage or a installing a detached garden building for a studio, swimming pool or hot tub, has become very popular especially over the last few years as people find it harder and more expensive to move.

Home-Extension.net can take you through the most important parts of the process from inception to completion and  everything in between. Our articles and step by step guide can provide you with a lot of useful information and act as a good framework for designing and controlling your own home extension project.

Extending a home can significantly add value to it, but also allows the home owner to enjoy the property so much more.  Perhaps its an expanding family or simply for ones lifestyle. At the same time, moving house has become so expensive it is now very prohibitive with a lot of money wasted in fees and tax.  Therefore extending your home can be seen as a good alternative to moving.

This web site is written by an author experienced in home extension planning and building design who understands the whole process from start to finish with over 30 years of home extension experience. 

When you read our articles the process may seem daunting at first to any novice home owner considering an extension but as the process is very much a methodical step by step approach and most people will be employing their own home extension designer or architect, the process is very much simplified for most homeowners.

We really want to help spread the word and if you can help by linking to Home-Extension.net then we really appreciate your help.

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