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Energy Efficient Lighting within a house extension

In most homes, lighting accounts for between 10 per cent and 15 per cent of the electricity bill, and contributes significantly to carbon dioxide emissions. The building regulations in England and Wales require that new accommodation (including extensions) includes some light fittings that will only accept energy efficient lamps.

At least one new room in three should be equipped with such fittings.

• There are two types of energy efficient lamps - fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

• Modern CFLs can provide good lighting effects. A large range of types is available, including spot lamps, candle lamps, and coloured lamps of every description.

• Energy efficient lighting is most cost effective in rooms where the lighting is most often used. Any room in which the lighting is used for more than four hours each day should be considered.

• Installing energy efficient lighting in an extension can provide savings of over £50 per lamp, over the life of each lamp, even though energy efficient lamps are initially more expensive than conventional ones.

Lighting should be designed according to the use of the room, and should be considered carefully. Properly designed energy efficient lighting can improve the ‘feel’ of a room as well as saving energy.



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