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Designing and building an energy efficient extension

The process of designing and building a home extension usually falls into the following stages.

1. Reviewing options and preparing an outline design.

2. Obtaining planning permission.

3. Preparing a detailed design and specification.

4. Obtaining approval under the building regulations.

5. Selecting a builder.

6. Constructing the extension.

Opportunities for achieving a high standard of energy efficiency occur mostly at stage 3, when the detailed specifications for materials and products are prepared. However, there are also opportunities at stage 1, because the overall form of an extension influences its energy efficiency.

At stage 6, the quality of the builder’s work can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the insulation and the degree of airtightness that is achieved, and these factors in turn will affect both energy efficiency and comfort.

It may be appropriate, when extending a house, to consider improving the energy efficiency of the original house at the same time.



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